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Tips To Create Effective Landing Pages

December 14th, 2010

There are plenty of methods available that will help you drive high quality visitors to your site as well as find the types of customers you need. However, to get the best results from your traffic generation work, you also have to know how to get this traffic to convert. The most effective way to achieve this is with a good landing a page. Below you will find a few ideas that can help you understand what it takes to create a good landing page. Your landing page could promote a product about absolutely anything.

All effective landing pages are easy to understand, simple, and straightforward so try to incorporate these aspects into your pages. Many people think that landing pages have to be fancy but that's far from the truth. When your site has too many bells and whistles your visitors will become distracted. There is no secret to creating profitable landing pages but there are some best practices you can test along with your own ideas to see what converts the most visitors into customers. Try your best to stick to one column, two at the most so you won't overwhelm your site's viewers. You may be surprised; the ugliest and simplest landing page might end up being your highest converter. This is the most important landing page design tip there is.

Take time to ensure that your headlines and sub-headlines are well written and easy to understand because these parts of your landing page are incredibly important to your conversion rate. This means that you need to break up your headlines and subheaders so that each one makes sense and has an impact on your reader. Your reader shouldn't feel that the flow of the headline is being broken. For example, if your landing page isn't converting well, you can change the headline to see how it's converting.

Feel free to create a personal portrait. You obviously do not want your copy to focus 100% on you, but you do want to be honest about the stage your business is in, even with your colleagues.

When your site includes an "about us" statement and a photograph of you, people are more likely to trust you enough to buy your products. That sense of trust seems impossible to get but it isn't. Don't forget to include your targeted credentials and present your audience with a unique area of expertise.

In summary, the above tips clearly indicate that creating a landing page requires you to get into the details and give your best. Using these tips you'd be able to enhance your landing page creation skills, but you should also try to keep on working on improving your knowledge in this area because it will take you a long way. If your aim is to sell more products then make sure you are doing enough experimenting with your landing page.

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