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Three Tips For Higher Converting Landing Pages

December 27th, 2010 Comments off

Internet marketers know how important strong landing pages are for business. In many cases it is the defining difference between success and failure. In the long run, if you don't focus on creating an effective landing page, your profits will suffer and conversions will go down. Keep reading to discover three simple tips to help you build a better landing page. For example, if you're selling a what is zero down traffic blueprint product through your sales copy, make sure it's structured the right way.

You take the time to create a landing page with the expectation of getting a good response from your audience. Video is a rapidly rising star for getting real results from landing pages. Video is beginning to outshine written content on landing pages when it comes to conversions. Thanks to wide spread usage of high speed or broadband Internet, people are turning to the Internet more and more for video entertainment. With video, it is easier for you to relate to your audience and conversions are higher for video as a result. Watching video is more engaging to your audience than reading text. Knowing this, more and more marketers are turning to video for better landing page conversions.

If you can't use video on your landing page, consider using audio. This is a powerful tool for making your visitors feel welcome and wanted. Take advantage of your recording to let visitors know what you have to offer and why they need to take you up on it. Use this as an opportunity to speak to your audience in a personal way and let them know about what you have to offer and why it's relevant to them. Keep it short and sweet, less than two minutes, for a better impact. Use this time to invoke curiosity in your visitor and show them the importance of taking up your offer. When you want to get signatures for your email list, tell your audience how to subscribe and why they should. For instance, if you're aiming to sell products in the zero down traffic blueprint bonus niche then take time out double check your copy so that the sales don't get affected.

Increasing your landing page's credibility is in your hands, which is why you shouldn't ignore it. One of the best ways to do this is with testimonials. Including these testimonials can greatly help you get the results you want from your landing page. If you do not have testimonials yet try getting friends or family to try your product and offer genuine opinions. Ignoring the need for testimonials can have a negative impact on the conversion rate for your landing page. Use these tips on your landing page and your visit will enjoy slow and steady growth. When you apply these principles you'll enjoy a much better response. If you target audience is in the internet marketing blog niche, make sure you're focusing on them and not yourself.

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