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Writing Effective Ad Copy For Your PPC Campaign

September 25th, 2011 Comments off

One of the things that attracts so many businesses to PPC advertising is because it is instant; has targeted traffic and simply works well if the campaign is competently put together. It is a from of direct response advertising although Google and others have changed the face of it through policy changes. You have used search engines and have seen the PPC ads on the right; and you can guess very quickly that much will hinge on the strength of the ad copy. You can make your ad copy game a serious contender, but you have to be willing to do what it takes.

Two extremely important concerns with PPC are your CTR and CPC - click through rates and cost per click.

Now, there are many ways to do it, but an effective method happens to be, using your brand for brand terms when writing the ad copy by including it in the title. Usually highly visible brand names are off-limits to affiliates, and Google seems to be discouraging affiliates, as well. Any time someone is checking out the PPC ads, they start by skimming very quickly, and then they only slow down when something catches their eye. It is the job of your headline to command attention in a powerful way. If you read about how to do PPC, you will discover some nice little tricks that are possible but not over the top. Also, see to it that your headline actually connects to the headline on your landing page, so that your prospects don't feel out of place or confused. These pointers will help you broaden your knowledge on subjects for example

Always use words that are short and to the point, and in fact your entire ad needs to be very concise. Use simple words to convey your idea and convince your prospects to click on your ad. Don't take the unnecessary risk of complicating things when you can use a simple language to persuade your target audience, because remember, you are paying for each and every click. It's amazing at how easily things can be improved when looking at That Free Thing. Do not be intimidated at the thought of using PPC advertising because a lot of misinformation is around the net about it. This is exactly why you should know how to create ads that stand out from the crowd, pull in a higher degree of attention and actually deliver results. In addition to educating your self about PPC, you have to allow your self time and be patient. If you want to observe how promotions using this kind of marketing can rank then take a look at

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    Write Google AdWords Ads That Crush The Competition

    June 11th, 2011 Comments off

    There are so many tales about the effectiveness and sheer power found in Google AdWords. This article will show you three truly clever and unique Google AdWords ad writing tips that you're going to like a lot. Whether you would like to target a specific niche market like get twitter followers or virtually any other niche, it's crucial that you remember the following tips.

    When you sit down to compose your AdWords ads, always bear in mind that you want to talk to one person in a very certain manner. You will experience disappointing results if your ads use general language written in a general way. You should never talk in general terms in an ad because the ad needs to focus on one item, only. It is when people who are searching see your ad, and they immediately know what it's all about. Each ad has the job of conveying each message that fits with the ad group and keywords. Therefore you need to have a set of keywords ready for the type of products you'll be promoting, so that you can write an ad for each of those keywords. You must use the ad group organization because that is what Google wants you to do. You always want the highest quality score possible which is a ten because that will affect your cost per clicks.

    Long, long ago direct response copywriters figured out that a strong call to action does have a positive impact on conversions. Not all markets are the same, and that is why you should make the effort to test your ads with a call to action, and without one. People are interesting creatures, we know, but tons of research shows that they'll respond in higher numbers to a call to action. People also need to know what it is you want them to do, so in that sense it helps the ad become more clear. The call to action you choose should be tested because they all can have different effects. Call to actions like "Click here", "Buy Now" and "Download for Free" clearly communicate with the prospect, which means they don't have to put in too much effort to figure out things on their own. Whether or not you intend to target a niche like adwords ads or any other niche, it's essential that you remember the following tips.

    Ok, what you'll do when you begin testing ads is begin at the beginning - the headline, always. Once you start doing this, you'll get a better feel for it and it's not hard at all. Remember that the most important metric here is the conversion rate of your ads. Then, it's just a matter of seeing which ad has the highest conversion rate, and then you can continue testing.

    So make sure you have at least 2 ads set up in each of your ad groups. There is some debate about how long to run tests, and it depends on your daily impressions - so try to get at least 500 impressions if not more. Writing powerful AdWords ads is not hard to do, but you need to know how to do PPC advertising, and then you can work on your ads.

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