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What Is A Squeeze Page?

April 25th, 2011 Comments off


For those who don't have much background in online marketing and net ideas, a squeezepage might be a term that they may consider alien to them. What is a squeeze page, you ask?

A squeeze page is one webpage with a sole purpose which is to obtain information that will be used to follow-up with the promoting on prospective clients. Usually, a name and an email address are asked of a customer. The data is compiled in a list that's called an email list or subscriber list.

Customer lists are crucial for marketing experts because it's used by them for direct selling. These are used by owners to market their products to their highly-target customers.

A squeeze page features success stories and testimonials of individuals who've employed the product. Generally, this gives prospective clients a sense that they can trust the product. Infrequently, marketing pros use audio and video that are added in the squeezepage to give viewers a chance to truly start to know the product.

Marketers are very careful with the way in which they design and create their squeeze pages. They usually keep info or content as low as possible to avoid visitors or viewers from getting bored or distracted. Too much information to hand is a turn off for most visitors.

There are usually no hyperlinks or other navigation in a squeeze page as the first focus of the squeezepage is to get the contact info of prospective clients. This gives them only 1 choice, they either give their details out or leave.

A squeezepage also works with an email auto responder that sends out information to the client as soon as she or he attests the email he or she provided.

A good squeezepage uses creative and inventive means to get the awareness of possible clients. To find the correct design template for a squeezepage, you can use OptimizePress which can supply exactly that. OptimizePress provides its users the choice to select from 10 designs that they'd like to use for their squeezepages.

OptimizePress' squeezepage options also give its users the opportunity to customise, giving them the freedom to work with and round the template. The auto responder feature may also be done in a snap.

If you are having a difficult time finding the right squeezepage options for you, then choose to go with OptimizePress because OptimizePress have made sure that the squeezepage templates open to you are tested and are made to optimize conversion rate.

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