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Do you write sales copy for websites? Online sales copywriting -- despite what you might assume -- isn't very different from copywriting for direct mail? Television or radio advertising -- a single radio commercial, for instance, or perhaps a series of radio commercials? They also are the equivalent of an online ad.


So, what is "million dollar" copy?


First, it isn't necessarily copy that sells a million dollars worth of product. The factors that go into turning that kind of volume include a lot more than the copy itself. Stay away from any copywriter who tries to tell you otherwise.


In fact, it's quite possible to sell a million dollars worth of product with less-than-perfect, even mediocre, copy - if you get enough of those other factors right. But you'll have to work a lot harder.


Don't make things harder on yourself than you need to.


The first thing that differentiates Million Dollar Copy from ordinary copy is that it converts a higher than usual percentage of targeted prospects to buyers.


After that, it's not quite so obvious.


The main factors that separate "Million Dollar Copy" from everything else are, in no particular order:


  • The copy creates appropriate expectations in the reader. It presents every benefit as positively and powerfully as possible -- but never misleads the reader. It never results in the reader feeling manipulated, regardless of whether they order.


  • It increases the likelihood that the prospect will not only use the product, but use it correctly and get the results they're looking for.


  • It doesn't call attention to itself. It communicates with the prospect without them thinking about anything but the product and what it will do for them.


  • It's more powerful every time you read it.


  • Instead of just trying to provoke emotional reactions, it creates an experience that engages real prospects. When you do this right, the readers experiences the product's benefits while they read your sales letter.


  • It doesn't start with the letter or end with the order. It starts with the internal dialog the prospect already is having and paves the way for communication following the purchase.


It's part of the customer's experience with your product and your company.


True "Million Dollar Copy" focuses on building your business, rather than just making the current sale. It sets a positive tone by which your firm is judged, reduces refunds, encourages future sales, and helps to create customers who feel more like "partners in the product" than just "buyers."


Put in its shortest form:


"Million Dollar Copy" starts in exactly the same place as the prospect, and guides them through a positive experience that makes your product a necessity in their mind.


Think about that. Return to some copy you've already written and see just how much of it you can change to fit this model better.


If you're not sure, have someone else read it and tell you how they feel as they go through the copy.


Then consider how that fits with what you've just read.

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