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Effective Tips For Landing Page Creation

December 14th, 2010 Comments off

There are many methods you can use to generate quality traffic for your site and in time they can even help you to obtain the customers you need. If you want to succeed with traffic generation you also have to learn how to increase your conversion rates. And the only way to do this is by building a landing page that works for you. You will find below a few ideas that can help you create effective landing pages. Your landing page could promote a product about harley davidson seats or absolutely anything.

One important thing that you need to make sure of is the efficacy of your landing page's buttons. Let's say that your product is on "dog training" and you've inserted lots of purchase links into your copy (which is something that is good to do). The links shouldn't distract from your page's main message.

However, when you want to include a strong call to action, you should use a highlighted button so that it demands the attention from the prospects. You need to make sure that your button's size and color are good. The button should also have a graphically pleasing border. Take time to choose the wording for the button--it's very important as well! All of these factors work in tandem to build a button that gets results.

Your landing page should have only short paragraphs. There is no argument about this. This is very important because short paragraphs make it easier for your visitors to read your words--long paragraphs are harder on the eyes. Long and unbroken paragraphs can be very intimidating for some visitors. Keeping your paragraphs to 2 or 3 sentences will make it easier for your people to actually read what you have placed on your landing page. This is exactly what you want to happen, so make sure you're focusing on creating short paragraphs on your landing pages. For example, if your harley davidson seat landing page isn't converting well, you can change the headline to see how it's converting.

Never forget to focus your attention on your site visitor. Your prospects want to have a conversation with you, not just hear about how great you are. Use words like "you", "your" and not "we" or "us". Doing this creates a sense of familiarity which is important because visitors will be more likely to buy from someone that they feel they have a relationship with. Overall, the previous ideas show that creating a landing page is a matter of small details that can only be learned if you dedicate some effort to it. If you already have a landing page, all that might be necessary is a few tweaks and then you're ready to go. Just make sure you're not taking the landing page for granted. If your aim is to sell more keeping harley davidson seats products then make sure you are doing enough experimenting with your landing page.

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