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Simple Tips on Creating a High Converting Squeeze Page

May 19th, 2010

The underlying principal for affiliate marketing is making conversions; in order to succeed with your affiliate marketing campaigns, you need to use strategies that will allow you to consistently convert sales with your target market. A great way to ensure this success is to employ a list of targeted subscribers that you can keep coming back for your offers. Squeeze pages, which are pages that allow people who are attracted by your offer to submit their contact information and join your list, are one of the most successful ways of establishing a subscription directory. As with all internet businesses, them most important element to your success will be generating traffic. The competition in internet business increases and grows more fierce daily, which increases the difficulty of finding the traffic you need. It’s one thing to have targeted traffic coming in from multiple marketing and promotional sources, but once it’s there at your site you need to make it convert. There is no guarantee that any given visitor will come back to your site, so it is important to collect their contact information when they initially visit. It is prohibitively expensive to try and only make one-off sales to new customers every time; this is why it is important to treat your existing customers well and keep individuals already on your list coming back for more. Naturally, the more prospects you have on the list, the more opportunities you have to profit from the list. Here are some tips that will help you to create a very effective squeeze page to increase your marketing results. Innovations in affiliate marketing can be seen at this 9 to 5 Annihilation page.

When you’re creating a squeeze page, it’s crucial that you maintain a flow. The content on this page has to be clear and concise, without confusing the visitor. All of your information should be organized in a consistent and understandable manner that directs them to your purpose– opting in to your list. There are many squeeze pages that are ruined because they are treated as a forum to make a lengthy sales presentation. Avoid any semblance of a sales pitch and focus solely on your goal. When you are creating a squeeze page you are not attempting to impress visitors with your linguistic eloquence, you are simply trying to get their contact information. However, it is still important to convey the information that relates to what you are offering so that the visitor understands your proposal. You want your visitors to be aware of your meaning from the outset. If you are giving away something free to get them to sign up, make sure you present the benefits of your giveaway with simple single-line bullet points. After your viewers have read the headline and the brief content on the page, they should understand the nature of the free offer you are giving them. Make sure that you stay relevant to what it is that you are selling and promoting – you need to always be consistent.

Keeping the extraneous additions to your page at a minimum is a good idea, so in order to maximize your conversions avoid useless graphics. A squeeze page is not a sales page, so be careful about the graphics you include. The only graphics that are present should be ones that compliment and convey your free offer. For example, you may decide to use an e-cover in order to win the visitor over to your free offer. There is no room for distractions and superfluous content on squeeze pages since their main purpose is to quickly get conversions by netting contact information from visitors. The best course that I have seen in a long time on making money on the internet can be found at this 9 to 5 Annihilation site.

Don’t expect to just whip up an effective squeeze page on your first try, there’s always a lot of testing involved and what works for one audience might not work for another, but if you keep at it you will find the best formula for your traffic.

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