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April 8th, 2013


Why Are Sales letters are so important?

If you are in business or at the stage of creating a business, you may not realize the value of being able to create a High Converting Sales Letter as part of a predicable marketing system that can consistently provide you with customers and clients as needed. While you can have the best product, the best systems, the best people, nothing really happens until you get a sale. So in my experience, I have found that copywritng and a High Converting, Effective Sales Letter is the fastest, easiest and most leveraged way to create a sale and provide the foundation for real improvement in your business.

What Are The Critical Steps, Can You Show Me An Example Sales Letter?

Here’s an outline of just some of the critical steps in creating a great business sales letter that converts:

    critical step #1 Attention Grabbing Headlines
    critical step #2 Pre Headline and Sub Headlines
    critical step #3 Strong Introduction Copy To Create Interest
    critical step #4 Compelling Body Copy Promoting Benefits
    critical step #5 Customer Testimonials
    critical step #6 Money Back Guarantees
    critical step #7 Call To Action Statements
    I think it’s enough to get you started…

If you want to learn more about copywriting then I suggest that you start by studying the best copywriters and learn how to write a Killer Sales letter. The Copywriting Crash Course will show you "How To Ethically Cheat Your Way To Crafting Advertising Promotions That Produce Profits On Demand!"

What About Sales Letter Software?

Sales letter Software creates for you sample sales letters in a way that even the best paid copywrighters do. The software gives you a sales letter template and guides you, step by step, through the process of creating a High Converting Sales Letter. Now while you still need to understand your customer, Instant Sales Letters will lead you through the process of writing and will show you how the best sales letters are crafted.

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