where can I find some good resume and cover letter samples?

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dhdhhd d asked:

I need some really good resume and cover letter samples in particular related to new graduates in Human resource management/ recruitment consultancy and sales fields.

Thanks in advance

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Free Squeeze Page Template PLUS Tutorial on Writing Squeeze Page That Converts!

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You know when I started, I use to write a lot of gibberish on my pages in order to get them to convert!  I thought, after I downloaded my free squeeze pages from afftricks, all I really needed were some text and voila, they would come rushing to subscribe.  Boy how wrong I was!

Now I know that the only thing I needed to make it convert is good title and the bullet points that make a promise.  Of course, to keep them on my list I needed to have a good product as well so let me explain how all this works  and why it is important to have a good product to give out for free!

I know of this one company that added over 8000 subscribers at no cost by giving away a good product.  They gave away free software with a detailed tutorial on how to use that software to improve their sites ranking. The software was very much needed as it helps with backlinking. Now because they gave it away for free, it became viral! Everyone was talking about it, and they were getting free traffic and many, many subscribers.

So for you to have a Squeeze Page that converts, free page templates are not enough!

So here are some rules:

  1. Get niche defined
  2. Get the Headline that makes people “drool”
  3. Get 5-9 Bullet Points That Promise to Improve “something” for them
  4. Get An Opt in Above the Fold!

However, their up sell product was something that would make even that free software process a walk in the park system.  Now most people already trusted them cause of the free software they gave out, and their up sell was at least 30% higher because of it!

So even if you are using free squeeze page templates, you should still have good text on your page.  A very easy system set up to get the subscriber to come to the site and you should get a good product to give away at NO cost!

If you are not good at copy writing, hire someone to do it for you!  If you can see what exactly your weaknesses are and get others to do it for you, you will for sure get the higher return rate on your investment.

Do not build hype when writing your squeeze page, you should explain nicely what the product will do for them.  If you came across a site that promised to help you get 500 new subscribers per day to your own list, you would sign up right?  Of course! But you will only stay on the list if the product was good!  For example, Ultimate List Building guide shows people how to drive 4000 people to their list in 3 weeks and because of the “how” people subscribe however, the only reason they stay on that list is because they provide value for their subscribers.

You see, when building your squeeze page templates, it is not enough to get targeted traffic to your site and giving free guide away, it is about making your visitor believe the free guide will help them out!

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Sales letter Software – what it is? Why use it?

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Since you are on this page, then you probably already know that, but I thought
I may as well clear up EXACTLY what Sales Letter Software is for those who are still unsure.
Sales letter Software creates for you sample sales letters in a way that even the best
paid copywrighters do. The software gives you template and guides you step by step, and
automates 90% of the process for you. You just need to have a product of your own, and
write a few basic informations, and software will use them to create sample sales letter
for you.

Why Sales letters are so important?
If you are in the stage of creating a business, you maybe do not realize that you will be
needing certain softwares to improve quality and speed of building your brand. But the fact
is that you will be needing them. And some kind of sales letter generator is maybe the first
and the most important one. And don't think now about how much that kind of software may
cost you, because it will be just a fraction of amount you will be earning from effectivness
of your sales letter, and you will notice increased profits and conversions from your website.

Let's be honest here: sales letter generator can help you to considerably improve your
This software can print you letter directly to a HTML file, which can be published
on your website or anywhere on the internet for your potential customers to see it.
And yes, the days when we had to manualy write HTML code are long gone.

Here’s an outline of the exact system of sample sales letter and what will
the sales letter generator do for you (Obviously in a heck of alot more detail!):

step #1 Attention Grabbing Headlines

step #2 Sub Headlines

step #3 Introduction Text Copy

step #4 Body Copy

step #5 Customer Testimonials

step #6 Money Back Guarantees

step #7 Call To Action Statements

step #8 'P.S' Statements and More!

I think it's enough. If you know anything about internet marketing, this will be enough
for you to judge about effectivness of your future sales letter, if you use this software.
And I don't want to sound very pitchy. Seriously. It just doesn’t get any easier than this,
any newbie struggling how to write a sales letter for making it online will find a ’sure win’ here.

Sample Sales Letter – by Simon Bell

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Hey there, I'm Simon..Let's start here with thanking you for checking my newest website dedicated to sample sales letter theme..

Here's few things what you'll find here: I'll inform you about all things and updates related to Sales Letter Software, which is launched about one month ago, and for now I can tell you about my personal experience with it during my relatively short ‘test’ period.  SLS works like swiss watch 🙂  that's what I can tell you with sure.

Hang on here with me for all the updates about Sales Letter Software, and I'm sure you'll stop think about copywriting like something that's born in hell..and you'll definitely be able to consider your self as a copywriter.

Hang on for  sample sales letter.

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