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Learn What Makes a Successful Squeeze Page

May 3rd, 2010

If you’re struggling to advance your online business to a higher level, then you may not be benefiting from one of the most essential elements needed for success. This is the well-made squeeze page, which is used to gather a variety of contact information, such as email addresses, from your website visitors. We have to face reality, it’s getting increasingly harder to push traffic to our sites especially with so many informational sites on the Internet. With the Internet growing at an exponential rate of speed, the competition for readers just continues to get more and more fierce. You can maximize your marketing campaign results and make the most out of each and every visitor that comes to your site by getting their e-mail address for future contact. If you have your visitor’s contact data, you can send them promotional materials for upcoming events, sales, new products, and information. You can hopefully interest them in becoming a customer. When you generate traffic from your email list, you’re not paying anyone for it; the audience is already interested, and you’ll have a much better shot at converting it into sales. You will be able to effectively get the e-mail addresses from all of your site’s visitors if you have a finely tuned and well designed squeeze page. Find out what all the internet marketers are talking about right now at this 9 - 5 Annihilation page.

One big rule to remember is to research and utilize the proper keywords in order to target the proper type of traffic. It’s critical for you to clearly identify your target market, and decide what type of keywords are going to appeal to them. The proper usage of keywords on your squeeze page will draw in visitors towards your offer and let them know instantly that they have reached the right page, which is consistent with what they wanted. Your squeeze page shouldn’t have any irrelevant keywords that are broad, but should be based on a tightly grouped theme of keywords that go hand and hand with your niche topic. What I mean is this: If you draw in your audience with an ad that says that when they subscribe to your list they will get a no cost report entitled “How to Lose Ten Pounds in Less Than a Week” then you’d better include keyword phrases like “lose weight” and “fast weight loss” that are related to the subject of weight loss. You should always use relevant keywords and phrases within your site’s text, title, keywords and description in order to attract the most targeted traffic. You also have to be sure that you put a strong emphasis on those keywords in the title of the page since that is the first thing your visitors will see when they get to that page.

You should also be careful to only ask for contact information that you will need to send out mailers in the future such as e-mail address and possibly their name. Your opt-in form should be designed to ask only for the contact information that you have to have in order to get back with the visitor. You do not need the visitor’s mailing address or phone number unless they make a purchase and you need it for shipping. You should only request this information if you truly have need of it. However, you’re an internet marketer. Thus, you likely do not. You need to be careful not to ask for so much that the visitor gets frustrated or concerned and just leaves your website for one of your competitors. The thing you need to be concerned with is obtaining your site visitor’s email address. Basically, you need two entry fields: name and email address. Need a better way to make some cash online? Check out this 9 to 5 Annihilation page.

Finally, keep tweaking your squeeze page as time goes on to tailor it for the response you want. Anytime you sense your conversion rate is sinking, make some little changes and tweaks that will revive interest. That’s all you need to keep churning out one successful squeeze page after another.

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