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How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts

May 22nd, 2010

There are several options available to you if you are interested in developing a targeted mailing list of interested customers; squeeze pages, though, are the most effective way to achieve this for your online business. You want to keep in touch with subscribers and interested customers and having a ready-made list of targeted email addresses is the best way to do this. If you are able to establish a good and trusting relationship with your subscribers, they will be open to any sort of promotions you may offer them in the future. If you build your relationship properly, your subscribers will view you as an authority in your field. Structured email advertising can be one of the biggest assets to your business, providing immediate and long terms results that will increase your profitability. But first things first; you need to set up a method for collecting the email addresses of your potential customers via your squeeze page. Keep some things in mind if you hope to achieve the highest conversions from this very useful page. To help you assemble an effective squeeze page, we will discuss a few of these factors.

Make sure that your intent is perfectly spelled out on the squeeze page; there should not be any ambiguity.

It’s important to remember that not all customers or visitors are alike, so you’ll need to find an approach that suits the broadest number of people. To be placed on your list, you will need to instruct them as to what they must do. Take them by hand and ask them to enter their contact info, directly. Whether the potential subscriber is a novice user or an expert on the Internet, the process for opting in to your list should be unmistakably obvious. Your “action message” should be present in the content right from the start, throughout the page, but get stronger and clearer as you approach the end, near the opt-in box. Do you want a new way of making a living online rather than the same old affiliate marketing methods, then have a look at this 9 5 Annihilation page.

If you tell them upfront what benefits or gifts they will receive, they will be more willing to give you their contact information. Try a few different test runs with varying placements of the opt-in box; analyze how the box performs at different spots on the page to determine the best placement.

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Collecting valuable contact information will cost you. Just be sure to offer a valuable incentive. If a free e-course, video, report, or similar fare is integrated into your opt-in agreement, by giving the visitor something worthwhile to look forward to, you’ll have much more success securing that email address. Need a better way to make some cash online? Check out this 9 to 5 Annihilation page.

But just because the benefits you offer are free to those who sign up doesn’t mean they should be of lesser quality. You must deliver a gift that is obviously beneficial to the visitor. Also, the free bribe that you’re offering has to be relevant to your target market. For example, people who are interested in “dog training” wouldn’t be particularly thrilled to receive a report on “cat grooming”.

You should always keep in mind that your viewers will regard their email address and contact information as valuable assets and will, therefore, want to receive the best return on their investment. Increase their trust in you by making it a worthwhile decision, and your efforts will have the best chance of bringing success.

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