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How Hard Is Copywriting?

June 24th, 2010

Copywriting can be a funny thing because it's very easy to take it for granted. But you can't really blame anyone for that because it does look kind of easy to write. But... try writing a great piece of sales copy, and you'll quickly discover it's not so easy to do. Here's the real deal - it takes specific knowledge to write copy that converts into sales. And that's exactly why most online marketers outsource the job to copywriters. Even if you choose to do this, you should make sure that you know the basics of copywriting so that you understand what your copywriter is doing.

A favorite for many writers is to weave a story in their copy. Most marketers make the mistake of only talking about their products in their copywriting. When you tell a good story, the person becomes involved and forgets that it's sales copy. The story needs to be something that the reader can identify with and that they feel entertained by. The goal is to keep them reading all the way from the first sentence to the "buy now" button at the bottom of your page. There are many reasons why copy will not convert, but just remember your story needs to do its job. Innovations in affiliate marketing can be seen at this Halloween Super Affiliate web page

Break up your copy. If you took any writing classes at school, you may remember the rule that a paragraph must focus on one thought. This is true. It is also true that one single thought does not need to be contained in a single paragraph. People today, especially online, have short attention spans and don't like long blocks of written material.

Break up those huge paragraphs into smaller blocks. Copywriting should flow, so it's perfectly fine to have very short paragraphs, even if they are only composed or a sentence or two. This way, your readers are far more likely to read your message all the way through and pay attention.

You can break some rules, but just remember that cute never sells. If you learn copywriting you'll see that a lot of grammar rules are blatantly ignored - but not spelling rules. It will benefit you very much to at least learn some of the copywriting basics. Just remember: there is a fine line between breaking a few rules and sounding like a total amateur. For the latest ways to make money online you need to visit this Halloween Super Affiliate website

It is not easy to sell your products and services to an increasingly skeptical public. A good copywriter, however, can make what he does appear effortless. To find out how much work and creative thought goes into writing good copy, just try to do it yourself. If you study the fundamentals of copywriting, however, your skills will improve. Whatever you do, don't give up. One day you will find that you are a proficient copywriter!

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