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Effective Tips for SEO Copywriting

April 20th, 2010

If you are serious about your Internet marketing endeavors, then it is essential that you learn effective SEO-ready copywriting. You want to create website content that not only appeals to visitors, but can lead to product sales. One of the keys of good copywriting is search engine optimization. By exercising SEO techniques when you write your sales copy, you’ll be able to ensure that your business website will rank higher on search engines. This is not always easy to do since you are attempting to accomplish two important goals that are not always compatible, namely making your sales copy look professional while still ensuring that it is able to hold the attention of your potential customers. In this article we will be looking into a few SEO copywriting tips that will help you create perfectly optimized content which will help you drive targeted traffic and convert it as well. It is very important to remember that if your visitor has searched for something like solar garden lights that you give him just that.

First of all, when you’re optimizing your web page for the search engines, you need to ensure that your targeted key phrase is mentioned in the title, description and in the tags. Some marketers think that it’s important to have your chosen keyword in the domain name as well, but there are tons of pages that get high rankings in spite of this. What is important is the placement of your keywords in your content because this will determine your search engine rankings. Keyword placement in your content does not have to be a complicated or copious process to succeed. You should aim for 3 primary keywords, and have a density of about 3 – 5%. Attracting the search engines takes real effort, which is why your initial market research shouldn’t be ignored. To optimize your content, you really should have your key phrases and words established prior to beginning your copy because this is vital in shaping your content. If you are promoting something like garden lights you need to make sure that keyword is near the top of the the web page that the visitor lands on.

Keeping your content focused on your target market is a must, as well as keyword placement for attracting the search engines to get high rankings. You will not achieve your marketing goal without both carefully researched keywords and copy that appeals to the reader. A professional quality copy is the critical piece in your strategy. It’s very important to maintain a clear, exciting, and understandable narrative that holds true to its title. When you sit down to write your copy, your readers should be at the forefront of your efforts, not the search engines, even though you will be using keywords designed to draw the attention of the search engines. That function of search engines is not only to bring relevant results to searchers, but also the highest quality of the bunch. Loading your web page with keywords should not even be a goal when writing, as it has no benefit with the reader or search engines. Don't be overly concerned with keyword density. That is no longer a factor these days. So if your keyword is something like solar lights, having a keyword density of less that one percent is ok as long as the text in your article is about solar lights. Google can now figure out what your article is about as long as your text is related to the keyword.

All in all, if you really want your SEO efforts to pay off and give you good results, then you need to work closely with the copy of your page and as well as the technical elements of SEO. Ranking highly with any chosen topic will be achievable when you master the art of writing quality SEO copy that contains the right combination of keywords and phrases. With some trial and error, to test for the best key phrases that relate to your business, you’ll soon be getting high rankings and good conversion.

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