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Effective Ideas To Build Landing Pages

December 14th, 2010

There are plenty of methods available that will help you drive high quality visitors to your site as well as find the types of customers you need. If you want to succeed with traffic generation you also have to learn how to increase your conversion rates. Building an effective landing page is the only way to achieve this. Given below are a few tips to help you understand the dynamics of creating a landing page. Your landing page could promote a product about Tocopherol or absolutely anything.

Effective buttons are paramount to the success of your landing page. Let's pretend that you are trying to sell a "dog training" product so you intersperse lots of order links throughout your copy (which is totally fine to do). These links do not have to be a distraction from your main message.

However, if you want your page to have a strong and obvious call to action, a highlighted button should do the trick. Your buttons should be of an appropriate size and a good color. The border of your button is also important. Take time to choose the wording for the button--it's very important as well! All of these factors work in tandem to build a button that gets results.

Use short sentences and paragraphs. Period. Longer paragraphs require more focus and are harder to look at than short paragraphs which are a lot easier to deal with. Long and unbroken paragraphs can be very intimidating for some visitors. The readability of your landing page will rise dramatically if you keep your paragraphs to just 2 or 3 sentences. This is your ultimate goal so focus on keeping your paragraphs shorter. For example, if your Vitamin E landing page isn't converting well, you can change the headline to see how it's converting.

Create a personal portrait. You obviously don't want your copy to be focused all on you, you would still want everyone to know that we're in the beginning stage, including your colleagues.

When you have a photo of you uploaded along with a short piece of information on why the others should trust your company. Then there was a sense of trust that was established, which looked so impossible otherwise. You should also make sure to include any professional credentials you have in your chosen field so that potential buyers will trust that you are an expert. Creating a landing pate is mainly an issue of taking care of the small details which you can only grasp by putting some effort in. You might simply have to make a few adjustments to an existing landing page and then you are ready to go. Just make sure you're not taking the landing page for granted. If your aim is to sell more Vitamin E products then make sure you are doing enough experimenting with your landing page.

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