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3 Mistakes That Will Massacre Your Sales Copy

October 22nd, 2010

Even though most people say they hate sales material, it's funny because everything on the net is sold using sales copy and material. This article helps you understand a few mistakes that you should avoid as a copywriter.

An effective and experienced copywriter realizes that much better results will occur when the copy addresses product, or service, benefits as opposed to the features. While it's not possible to always exclude features 100% of the time, but you still absolutely must quickly turn those features into great benefits. The reason concerns human nature, and it's completely natural for people to experience a stronger effect when they read how they will benefits from the product/service. That is also why it's important for the copywriter to understand the product and all that it has to offer. It takes some practice, but one thing you can do is list out every conceivable feature you can think of, and then translate them into the benefits. In that way you'll have all the benefits covered for the readers, and your copy will be more effective. A lot of times good benefit bullets can tip the scales in your favor. Don't miss out on Anik Singal's newest contribution to affiliate marketing techniques. See what he has to offer at this Empire Formula site.

Some copywriters say the offer is the single most important part of any sales copy. All words have their appropriate place in copy, and part of your task is to choose the best fitting word, or expressions, for the particular situation. Strong product/service benefit bullets plus a great and solid product offer are two major components of winning copy. You need to highlight the best benefits along with what makes your product different from the rest.

The copywriter is always faced with the task of achieving a balance with the amount of information included in the sales copy. But how do you really make your offer irresistible? One time-tested method involves offering great bonuses for ordering. Always try to choose bonuses that are complementary to the main product that you're offering.

Hopefully you're aware that copywriting is a totally different animal than the English you sweated over in school. You'll need to write in a fairly simple way without all the big words students use to impress their teachers and professors. Always use benefit bullets in your copy after you introduce your product, and that's why we talked about benefits vs. features. Try to find sales letters written by real professionals, and then study them because it's worth it to know how to write them well. You'll always want to be conscious of providing white space in your copy because it helps reduce monotony of black text, and bullet points will allow you to have more white space. It helps eliminate what is called, the black wall of text effect. Getting the proper training is crucial in this ever changing world of affiliate marketing. That's why you should seriously consider Anik Singal's new course. You can see it at this Empire Formula internet site. You can immediately improve your copywriting just by refusing to commit the kinds of mistakes we discussed, here. Copywriting is all about learning, practice, and feedback - so try to do those as much as possible.

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